Monday, January 27, 2020
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October 2012 

Ministry of Interior Undersecretary Omar Al-Khadrawi paid a visit to Bani Walid on Saturday to oversee the deployment of security forces there and assess the needs of the local hospital.

The town was declared liberated on 24 October by Chief of Staff General Yusuf Mangoush, following a week of intensive fighting and a one-month siege.

Contact with the hospital, which is known to have admitted dozens of casualties, has been impossible for at least the past week owing to the failure of phone networks inside Bani Walid and restrictions placed on journalists by the military inside the town.

During his visit, Khadrawi is said to have been briefed on the needs of the hospital in terms of equipment, medicine and staffing.

He also met with military commanders to discuss the security plan for the town as well as how to facilitate the return of tens of thousands of refugees to resume their normal lives.

Source: Libya Herald 

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