Monday, January 27, 2020
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Monday 29th October 2012 

Ali Zidan is due to present his government for approval to the National Congress at around 17:30 today.

Having reportedly consulted widely with various parties and groupings inside the legislative body, Zidan is reportedly planning to submit a sizeable government of 32 ministers. It is understood that six of those ministers will be without portfolio.

“Dr Zidan needs to ensure that all the groups in Congress are happy”, one Congressman told the Libya Herald this afternoon, when asked why so many ministers were needed.

“My God, it will be like the Iraqi government!” said another when informed of the news, in reference to the 47 ministers needed there to placate Iraq’s numerous factions.

The prime-minister elect has kept tight-lipped about who exactly will be included in his proposed government, with Congressmen saying they could not give names at this time.

It is 15 days since Zidan was elected to replace Mustafa Abushagur, the previous incumbent, who was ejected on 14 October after failing to win a vote of no confidence from Congress following the submission of his cabinet.

Congressmen said Abushagur’s greatest mistake was to submit a technocratic government without properly consulting with Congress beforehand. He was also hamstrung by a breakdown in negotiations with Mahmoud Jibril’s National Forces Alliance, and suffered a loss of confidence from both the Justice & Construction party and several independents.

Zidan is said to have been determined not to make the same mistake as his predecessor, and is hopeful he will be able to win Congressional approval for his government this time around.

Source: Libya Herald 

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