Monday, January 27, 2020
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Monday 29th October 2012

Members of the National Congress have voted themselves a loan of 45,000 dinars for the purpose of purchasing cars.

The legislation, enacted following the passing of Resolution No. 46, will take effect from 1 November.

The loan will be deducted directly from members’ monthly paid allowance, which currently stands at 10,500 dinars.

The allowance is to cover all staff incurred by members’ congressional duties, including housing, staffing and other expenses.

The 45,000 dinar loan is considerably less than what was previously rumoured to have been apportioned to Congressmen and women for the purchasing of vehicles.

In August, it was falsely claimed that members had voted themselves four cars, one for themselves, two for security and the fourth for other purposes.

Source: Libya Herald 

Categories: News, Press

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