Wednesday, August 21, 2019
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Conditions of Participation in Libya Award:

–          The participate must be memorize the holy book of God and be perfectly aware of the provisions of intonation.

–          The participant shall not be one of the most famous readers in the Islamic world.

–          He shall not be one of those participated in the previous sessions of the award.

–          Age of the participant shall not exceed 25 years.

–          The participant from the Muslim communities must be holding the nationality of the country which he will represent or having a permanent residence therein.


We hope you will check completely the perfectness of memorization by your candidate where a preliminary examination will be carried out for the candidates before participation, and those candidates whose average is less than 50% in the tests shall be excluded.

General information:

–          The award will entertain one companion with the participant whose age doesn’t exceed 15 years or of those of special needs.

–          The award shall undertake the expense of the stay, entertainment and travel tickets for the participants and his companion if he meets the required conditions.

–          It is preferable that the participant shall wear the national fashion of the country which he will represent.

 –         The closing date for receiving applications will be on Tuesday 20th November 2012.

Documents Required:

–          Participation form; fulfilling the data and with clear writing.

–          A clear copy of the passport of the participant and his companion.

–          Two modern personal photos of the participant and his companion.

–          The participation form shall, after being filled in, be sent to the address of Ministry of Religious Endowment & Islamic Affairs/Tripoli.

 Contact Information:

Telefax: 00218 21444 5599

Mobile: 00218 91374 2969

Mobile: 00218 91351 2325


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