Sunday, August 18, 2019
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November 2012

France has welcomed the new Libyan government of Prime Minister Ali Zeidan, noting the transparency with which it was formed and “the effort made to integrate all components of the Libyan society”.

In just one year, after 42 years of dictatorship and eight months of conflict, said a French Foreign Ministry statement, Libya had been able to establish a government as a result of free, democratic elections.

France says it wants to build a partnership with Libya that is both “ambitious and sustainable”. As part of that, according to the statement, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius will travel to Tripoli “very soon” to meet with the new Libyan authorities. The aim is to provide support, both in the transition process and rebuilding the country.  In particular, France says it is looking to a “rapid restoration of security in Libya. It also hopes to see the French business presence in Libya rebuilt.

In its statement, France called on all Libyans to work towards the consolidation of the Libyan state in a spirit of national reconciliation.

Pointing out that it stood alongside the Libyan people since the outset of the revolution, France says that Libya can count on its continued support.

Source: Libya Herald

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