Sunday, December 8, 2019
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Militias battle in Tripoli

Monday 5th November 2012

Fighting between two militias erupted at the building that previously housed Libya’s intelligence agency in central Tripoli early Sunday, sources said.

One of the militias was recently ordered dissolved for violating rules, including torturing a detainee to death, the chief of Libya’s temporary supreme security committee told LANA, the state news agency.

At least one person was killed in the battle and another was seriously wounded, according to a medical source. Three other people were treated for wounds, the source said.

The gunfire and explosions, intense at time, were heard by a CNN producer.

The interior ministry ordered the militia, identified as the 8th Support Brigade, to be evicted from the building, according to Hashim Bishr, the supreme security committee chief told LANA.

Also Sunday, Libya’s General National Congress voted Sunday to stay in it’s Tripoli headquarters and not move to the eastern city of Bayda.

The parliament building in Tripoli has suffered several security breaches, including an incident last Wednesday in which protesters stormed it.

Tripoli’s gas stations ran low on fuel Sunday, forcing some to shut down their pumps, because of a strike by refinery workers who were previously rebel fighters, LANA reported.

The striking workers at the oil refinery in the city of Zawiya are demanding better medical treatment for their wounds suffered during the recent civil war, LANA reported.

 Source: CNN News
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