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November 2012 

The three-day Libya Summit organised by Fleming Gulf Conferences at Tripoli, started Tuesday morning in the Libyan capital, Tripoli with a number of eminent speakers addressing a very attentive audience eagerly awaiting the results of a meeting that is discussing the transformation of Libya as a model of stability and economic excellence.

The event, the largest business event in Libya since the February 17 Revolution, is being held with the participation of key Libyan government officials and representatives from other friendly governments.

Other participants include delegates from Libya’s Ministry of Finance, the General National Congress, GNC, the Turkish Prime Minister’s office, the American Chamber of Commerce in Libya, the World Bank, and the World Health Organisation, WHO.

At a special pre-conference session on Monday, Mathew VanDyke, a Middle East analyst, a non-Libyan American who fought alongside rebels from the Arab Spring as an accepted and official member of the National Liberation Army of Libya during last year’s conflict, shared his outstanding experience.

Meanwhile, in the inaugural key note speech Tuesday, Richard H Griffiths, the president of American Chamber of Commerce in Libya emphasised his organisation’s role in Libya after the revolution and pointed out the trade relations between the Libya and the US.

The morning session was also addressed by Ahmed Shebani, the Founder of Democratic Party of Libya, while Alaa Murabit, a Libyan women’s rights activist and founder of the Voice of Libyan Women, spoke in the afternoon session and shared her views and opinions on economic empowerment of women in Libya.

A number of speakers will also share their views on various subjects in the next few days.

Among the speakers will be, Hatem H. Benfayed, the CEO of Libya’s Housing Authority, Princess Alia Al-Senussi, Art Patron from Libyan Heritage Trust; Global Heritage Fund, Dr Kevin Dunseath, Director Global Education from Cisco, Dr. Saif AlJaibeji from the Institute of HealthCare Research -Cambridge Academy for Higher Education “ CEO and Dr. Ahmed M. Shembesh, Founder of Libya Foundation for Rehabilitation.

Another important speaker scheduled to address the summit is Princess Alia Al-Senussi, who is expected to throw light on how Libya’s rich culture and heritage can be capitalised for the progression of the economy.

Source: Tripoli Post 

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