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Thursday 22nd November 2012 

The Rome-based Osservatorio del Mediterraneo and the Agenzia Giornalistica Italiana (Italian Journalism Agency) have set up a prize to be awarded to historians and journalists from Libya and Italy.

Named the Septimius Severus Prize for the Promotion of Communication and Exchanges in the Mediterranean, it can also be awarded to others from North Africa and Europe whose work focuses on the importance of Libya in the history of Italy and Europe or on its present wider regional significance.

The prize is named after Lucius Septimius Severus who was born in Leptis Magna in 145 AD to a Berber father and Roman mother and who, in 193 AD, became emperor of Rome, founding a dynasty that was to rule the Roman empire for decades. The Osservatorio said that the prize is intended to “recognise the contribution made by Libya and, more generally, of that part of North Africa formerly called Ifriqiyah, to the enrichment of Roman history in Italy and the Latin culture in Europe”.

The aim, is says, to enhance and build on “the relationships and exchanges that have characterised the two shores of the Mediterranean in the past, the present and the future, the Septimius Severus Prize will be awarded to historians – the journalists of the past – and to journalists – the historians of the present”.

The prize will be awarded annually in two categories. The first will reward a Libyan or Arab historian or archaeologist and an Italian or European historian or archaeologist who, through his or her work, has illustrated significant aspects of Mediterranean collaboration in the past, and the outlook today.

The second category will recognise a Libyan or Arab journalist and an Italian or European journalist who, through his or her work, has helped to underscore the most significant aspects of cooperation, present and future. The award could also be presented to the creator – again from the two areas in question – of a documentary or ‘fiction’ film.

The first meeting of the committee to draw up an initial list of candidates will take place in Rome on 17 December.

The award ceremony will take place in Tripoli on a date as yet undecided.

The award is part of the Osservatorio’s Med 21 Programme which, according to a Osservatorio statement, is its “network of prizes celebrating Mediterranean excellence”.

It has already set up the Al-Idrissi Prize in conjunction with regional government of Sicily. Named after Al-Sharif Al Idrissi (1100-1166), the geographer and mapmaker born in Ceuta, brought up in Cordova and who in 1138 moved to Sicily at the invitation of King Roger II, it celebrates renowned figures from the northern and southern sides of the Mediterranean for their contributions to promote Euro-Mediterranean dialogue and cooperation.

Source: Libya Herald 

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