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Celebration of the disabled in Benghazi

December 2012 

A festival focusing on Libyans with disabilities opened in Benghazi on Saturday. Organised by the Committee of the Friends of the Mentally Handicapped in collaboration with the local paralympic group, the three-day event coincides with the International Day of Persons with Disabilities which falls on 3 December. The day, endorsed by United Nations, has as its theme: “Removing barriers to create an inclusive and accessible society for all.”

The head of the Celebration Preparatory Committee, Mohamed Saeed Warfali, said: “The objective of this celebration is to educate society abut the rights of people of disabilities in order to remove all obstacles facing disabled people and make them useful members of society.”

He added that the celebration consists of a series of events including a workshop and an art gallery showing the works and talents of people from eastern Libya with disabilities.

Participating in the celebration are individuals with both mental and physical disabilities, as well as people with hearing difficulties, the blind and those suffering from autism.

There is also be a workshop on “removing obstacles to create an all-inclusive society available to all”. It focuses on environmental, social, workplace and other constraints facing the disabled.

The celebration also includes a show put on by disabled persons. It is being held at the Children’s Theatre, Childhood Creations Centre in Benghazi’s Tourism Park. Additionally, a sports day has been organised by the Friends of the Mentally Handicapped Society. There are various sports events including weight lifting competitions by people with mental disabilities.

Source: Libya Herald 

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