Monday, April 22, 2019
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December 2012 

The winners of The Tripoli Post‘s competition for aspiring journalists were presented with awards at the Corinthia Bab Africa Hotel in Libya’s capital, Tripoli this week. The newspaper received one hundred and six entries for the Journalism Competition for Youth.

During the award ceremony Khawla Al-Meslati the paper’s public relations manager emphasised that the aim of the competition was to make the writers’ dreams come true. The award winners will be given the chance to contribute to the paper on a regular basis.

Essam Safar, the paper’s director of sales and marketing who organised the competition said that the aim was to find talented youth aged 16 – 27 from all over Libya, give them a chance to improve their writing skills and provide them with employment opportunities.

The presentation of the awards was held in conjunction with the first meeting for contributors to the newspaper.

Dr Said Laswad, the paper’s publisher and editor in chief, reviewed the history of The the Tripoli Post during the past 12 years focusing on the period of the revolution.

He said he was in a dilemma on how to proceed: he could report on the revolution and risk the arrest and imprisonment of his staff and the confiscation of the paper by Gaddafi’s regime, he could publish the newspaper, pretend the revolution was not taking place and lose credibility, or he could suspend publication of the print edition.

He decided to suspend publication but the newspaper continued with its online edition. The internet traffic was so large that when Gaddafi’s son Seif Al Islam was captured and the item uploaded, the website received so many hits, over a hundred thousand, that it was jammed. “We thought it had been hacked, but the IP server told us it was jammed because of the number of online hits.”

Later, The Tripoli Post received an award from Forbes magazine as one of the top newspapers in the Middle East. It was in competition with such established newspapers, such as Al Ahramand other newspapers from the Gulf. The print edition resumed publication November 11th, 2011. Recently it was also presented with a golden award by IBID.

“We have made history inside and outside Libya,” Dr Laswad said.

The Contest winnsers

First places in article writing:
Nizar Al-Harari
Khalifa Al-Bishbash
Hamza Al-Kasah
Seham Al-Abani
Mahmoud Al-Naqnaq
Hajer Al-Shtaiwi
Balsam Al-Issawi
Al Adila Al Toumi

First places in photography:
Samah Al Siraj
Emad Mankousa
Abrar Al-Salehi

First in Graphic Design
Samah Al-Sarraj

First in layout
Wessam Al-Iyadi

First in cartoon drawing
Aymen Al-Hadad.

Source: Tripoli Post 

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