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9 January 2013

Tunisian authorities have released one of the only men in custody for alleged links to the September 11 attack on the US diplomatic mission in the Libyan city of Benghazi. This is being regarded as the latest blow to the investigation that has being carried out for months.

Despite US promises there has been little news of progress so far in bringing the perpetrators of the assault on the lightly guarded mission that killed US Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans to justice.

It has been reported by AP that Ali Harzi, a 26-year-old Tunisian extradited from Turkey in October, was one of the people actually detained over the attack. At the time Tunisian authorities said they “strongly suspected” he was involved, but his lawyer, Anwar Oued-Ali said the presiding judge had “conditionally freed” his client for lack of evidence. However, he must remain in the Tunis area to be available for any further questioning.

William Lawrence, the North Africa analyst for the International Crisis Group, has been reported saying that while it was very possible that Harzi might have been involved with extremist groups in Benghazi, it was impossible to tell without more efforts from the Libyans.

He said: “If there had been a better investigation in Benghazi, this guy’s role in the whole thing would have been a lot clearer. The fundamental issue is that the Libyans aren’t prioritising this.”

In December, US officials were reported lamenting the lack of cooperation with the governments of the region, particularly Libya, in their ongoing investigation into the attack, saying most of the suspects remain free.


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