Wednesday, June 19, 2019
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September 2012 

The Security Directorate in Benghazi was attacked by unknown assailants today, who set off a bomb outside.

The blast, which took place at dawn, caused structural damage to the building but did not result in any casualties.

The attack on the directorate, which is located not far from the headquarters of the Rafalla Al-Sahati brigade in the Hawari district, comes as the Government and the National Army attempt to establish full control over a city that has witnessed several such incidents in recent months.

The compound, which is used by the police force, was itself recently attacked on 27 August in a drive-by shooting thought to be an attempt to free prisoners.

In late July, 40 kilogrammes of explosives were discovered behind the building, although they were defused before they could go off.

There has been inevitable speculation that today’s attack was linked to on-going efforts by the Government to disband militias in Benghazi and to place others under the direct control of the National Army.

The moves have threatened to generate considerable resentment amongst revolutionaries who view themselves as guardians of last year’s revolution and resent attempts to curtail their power.

At present, however, both the identity and the motive of the assailants remain unknown.

Source: Libya Herald 

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