Wednesday, June 19, 2019
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September 2012 

Militia closed down the coastal road to Khoms for several hours yesterday, demanding swift action from the authorities to find and prosecute those responsible for the death of Omran Shaban.

Shaban, who is held to be the first revolutionary to have discovered Muammar Qaddafi last year, died on Tuesday from wounds inflicted by the dictator’s supporters whilst in custody in Bani Walid.

He was captured in Bani Walid in July and held for two months, having been dispatched there after two prominent Misratan journalists were taken hostage four days earlier.

The Khoms militia said that former regime supporters were acting with impunity in Libya, and were responsible for the deaths of numerous revolutionaries, including Shaban.

On Tuesday, the National Congress voted overwhelmingly in favour of a motion authorising the ministries of defence and interior to use all means necessary to bring Shaban’s killer’s to justice, including the use of force.

The Congress gave the authorities ten days to find and arrest those responsible.

The resolution also applied to efforts to secure the release of other prisoners still being held illegally in Bani Walid.

Source: Libya Herald 

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