Sunday, July 21, 2019
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New Air Force chief in Misrata

January 2013 

The new Libyan Air Force Chief of Staff, Brigadier Ahmed Habib Al-Mismari, has visited the Air Force Academy at Misrata.

During tour of the academy on Monday, he was told of the plans to hold a graduation ceremony for pilots, engineers and technicians to coincide with the second anniversary of the 17 February revolution.   Mismari was also shown parts of the college that had been destroyed in the fighting.

At the end of his visit the Brigadier expressed his condolences to the family of Misrata council member Sheikh Mohamed Ben Othman, who was murdered on Saturday in a drive-by shooting as he left the city’s Ras Amar mosque.

Brigadier Mismari was appointed on 12 January as temporary replacement for the head of the Libyan Air Force, General Adam Saqr Geroushi, who was disbarred by the Integrity Commission at the beginning of the month. Geroushi is appealing the decision, the Commission insisted that he step aside. On 18 January Geroushi was also indicted by a military court on ten charges, including theft and fraud.  The case was been postponed for a month following a request from the defence lawyers, who said they needed more time to consider the charges and evidence against their client.

Source: Libya Herald 

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