Monday, December 16, 2019
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February 2013 

Egypt’s Assistant Attorney-General has confirmed that six former of Qaddafi’s associates now living in Egypt have been prevented from leaving the country. Hassan Yasin said yesterday, Tuesday, that Egypt had been given a list by Libya of 80 former regime officials said to be in Egypt and that six had now been located.

He added that he had had a meeting on the legalities of an extradition process with other Egyptian officials and the legal adviser to the Libyan embassy in Cairo. Once the legalities were sorted out, he said, a committee would be formed to hand over the Libyans.

Until now, Egypt has taken the view that Qaddafi officials living in the country were there legally.

Yasin also denied rumours that Libya has asked Egypt to pay 30 billion Egyptian pounds, being the esgtimated value of Libyan funds smuggled into the country by Qaddafi’s followers.

Source: Libya Herald 

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