Wednesday, August 21, 2019
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February 2013

Minister of Transportation Abdulqader Mohamed

The Libyan Minister of Transportation decides moving his office to Tripoli port saying Libya can only be rebuilt by hard work. He says cleaning and expanding the port makes it ready for the upcoming huge economic activities in the country.

The decision by Minister Abdulqader Mohamed allows him to personally supervise the ongoing cleaning process and expanding process.

The minister said he would not leave the port until work is finished.

The port is being cleaned of more than 5000 containers that have been left around for many years. The cleaning will allow for the new expansion projects of the harbor.

The focus of the ministry of transportation on this vital facility indicates that Libya needs all the ports it can afford to support the upcoming reconstruction drive of the country.
Ports are needed for importing all kinds of good and materials to meet the needs of building of tens of thousands of housing units, hotels, hospitals, schools and factories.

Minister Abdulqader said “the only way to rebuild this destroyed country is by working hard at all levels.”

He added that after cleaning, repairing and building new facilities at Tripoli port his ministry will move to repair other ports such as those of Benghazi, Khumis, Misurata, Tubruq, Zuwara and Zawia among others.

He also said new ports will be built in Libya to meet the needs of this vast country and a sea coast that stretches for 1900 kilometers.

He revealed that the Tripoli port will be moved outside the city and the current will be used for tourism and cruise ships.

He said he would all it takes to help jump start a development drive that begins at the port which should be secure and modern with all the needed facilities to provide the best services to all.

Minister Mohamed said there is coordination between the ministry of transportation and other authorities including the interior and immigration authorities to facilitate the entrance of ships and tourists coming aboard cruise ships that are expected to call on Tripoli port.

Transportation minister insisted that port and the release of shipments at the port must speed up and services concluded within a few hours.

Source: Tripoli Post 

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