Wednesday, August 21, 2019
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Payments to thuwar to resume – Zeidan

February 2013

Prime Minister Ali Zeidan

In a press conference yesterday, Prime Minister Ali Zeidan confirmed that the computerized system and data base of the thuwar (militiamen) was now ready and that the stalled payments could now be resumed.

The Prime Minister was referring to payments to ex-fighters that had started during the time of his predecessor Prime Minister Al-Kib and which had to be stopped due to suspected abuse.

Since the halting of these payments, the governments have been working hard in the background trying to build a computerized system and data base which would give them management and control of payments to the ex-fighters.

Ex-fighters are now encouraged to open bank accounts in which the state would deposit payments. But Zeidan accepted that some do not and would not open bank accounts and revealed that there was also a mechanism where banks would still payout to them too.

Zeidan also went on to revealed that about 250,000 names were found to be duplicates by the system and were removed from the payout list.

Meanwhile, the Finance Minister from his point of view, warned about the inflationary effects of these payments on the economy.

Source: Libya Herald 

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