Monday, May 20, 2019
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Wednesday 27th March 2013 

Prime Minister Ali Zeidan at Arab League summit in Doha

The Arab Summit has confirmed in its final communiqué that it supports the Libyan government quest to retrieve stolen assets that are estimated at hundreds of billions of Dollars.

The communiqué called on Arab countries “to establish effective cooperation with the Libyan government in order to recover the looted money, the extradition of corrupt former officials and those who committed criminal offenses against the Libyan people” during the regime of dictator Gaddafi.

The summit also called on all those countries which provide refuge to those criminals and corrupt individuals to enable the Libyan government to bring them to justice with all the legal guarantees for the accused.

The “Doha Declaration” underlined that members of the Arab League’s will provide full solidarity with Libya in the exercise of its right to preserve its sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity.

The summit also made it clear that it rejected any form of foreign interference in Libya’s internal affairs or any attempts of its destabilization.

Source: Tripoli Post 

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