Sunday, May 26, 2019
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Libya: Putting the Record Straight

March 2013 

Libyan National Museum in Tripoli and Revolutionary trophy in Misurata

I am American citizen and have been visiting Libya since 2010. I am also a civil engineer working for a joint Libyan/US construction and design company, known as Sayar Enterprises. I was there until two days after the revolution started and returned to Libya in early 2012.

The continual misrepresentation of the county and its people prompted me to put pen to paper as I am extremely concerned about the negative press coverage which is painting a totally false picture of Libya and misleading those who have never been.

First and foremost I would like to emphasise that I have never been treated unfairly or wronged in any way by a Libyan, and I am constantly defending Libya to those who have not had the chance to visit – yet!

The common misconception outside of Libya is not correct so when I hear negative comments I set them straight with the right information. I advise anyone who has not been there not to say anything negative.

The people are genuine, honest and have a desire to welcome guests and visitors. I was especially touched by all the children and youth – they are all eager to learn about others outside their country and they ask a great deal about America.

Every time I have visited Libya since the revolution, I see improvements, new restaurants, hotels and shops. I am especially fond of the Four Seasons 3 hotel where I usually stay. The food and service are excellent.

There are many new shops and restaurants close by and the staff go out of their way to help in any way the can. The owner stops by all the time. He remembers we were his first guests in 2011.

The recent article in February’s National Geographic Magazine with Libya on
the cover that focused on the country’s rich cultural heritage, is a good example of positive coverage The country certainly needs much more of that kind of positive press. As the article pointed out, Libya needs to showcase its rich history and warm friendly people to bring in visitors and tourists.

To insure the tourist industry reaches its full potential there is an urgent need for an
adequate bus service, informed travel guides, road maps, and maybe even street signs in English. I am convinced that Libya has as much to offer tourist as Greece or Italy.

The government must keep moving forward and the people must be patient. Freedom takes time and is not without sacrifice and compromise. True freedom also requires mutual tolerance and respect for others.
I am very happy I spent time in Libya and, got to know its people. I feel very attached to those that we work with and all of those I have met. I am happy to see families enjoying their weekend in olive groves along the road from the airport near Tripoli and the beach. This is usually on Friday when the entire family goes on what we would call a picnic and enjoys the day together.

I never saw that before February 2011. The Libyan people are waiting to prosper and move forward, learn a skill and work to better themselves and their family.

There are few places in the world that would not disintegrate into chaos without a police force, a government, or an army. Libya managed and regardless of what problems it faces the Libyan people have to be respected and commended for this amazing feat.

During my time in Libya we met with government officials and business men in our line of work. Currently we have a new office/villa and some local businessmen service our applications for upcoming work in Libya.

I look forward to a long relationship with Libya and it’s people.

Source: Tripoli Post 

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