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April 2013 

Commander Officer Ripley Libyan Navy spokesman Ayub Gacem and Ms Gill Frazer Deputy Head of UK mission in Tripoli

The British Royal Navy warship HMS Kent arrived in Tripoli harbor on Tuesday morning in a first visit to Libya by a Royal Navy warship in 40 years.

Commanding Officer Ben Ripley told Libyan navy officers and reporters who attended a press conference on the frigate that “HMS KENT is proud and honored to be in Tripoli today and humbled by the spirit, generosity and worm welcome it received from the Libyan people.”

The HMS Kent’s three-day official visit to Libya is a sign of increasing military cooperation between the two countries.

Libyan Navy’s spokesman said, Colonel Ayub Gacem, said the visit by the British warship as a sign of bilateral marine cooperation that started since the end of the Libyan uprising.

In its way to Libya the British warship brought with it five Libyan navy officers who were receiving training with the British navy in Gibraltar.

Commander Ripley said the opportunity to have Libyan officers along side the frigate made them become friends and learn a lot from each other.

“While in Tripoli, we will host a number of events, receptions, meetings with politicians, officials, other activities with Libyan Navy and other organizations,” added Commander Ripley.

He also said that he was pleased that many of the HMS Kent crew would have the opportunity to visit historical and cultural sites in and around the city of Tripoli.

Ripley added that his crew would do their best to beat the Libyan Navy at football, making the audience laugh.

On her part, Ms. Gill Frazer, Deputy Head of UK Mission in Tripoli, said the visit by HMS Kent is a strong symbol over military cooperation between Libya and Britain.

“The UK remains stead fastens in its support of the Libyan people and government to keep going on the direction of rebuilding the country after forty years of dictatorship,” Ms. Frazer said.

She said in addition to training provided to the Libya Navy, Britain provides a wide range of advising to Libyan defense and border security departments.

Colonel Gacem said there has been considerable cooperation with Britain in the field of training and there are currently Libyan students from the navy and the Special Forces who are receiving training there.

The visit by HMS Kent comes after another visit in August by survey ship HMS Echo which became the first Royal Navy ship to visit Libya since the end of the Gaddafi’s dictatorship.
HMS Echo spent five days in Tripoli as part of initial steps to help the Libyans forge a new navy.

Source: Tripoli Post 

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