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Thursday 4th April 2013 

United Nations Childrens Fund UNICEF logo

The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has announced the development of “a high-level road map” for effective teacher management in Libya as part of the agency’s continuing efforts to improve access to quality education for all children in the North African country.

The new two-year initiative, to be funded by the European Union and elaborated under the leadership of Libya’s Ministry of Education, will ultimately be implemented by UNICEF’s Teachers Development Centre with a special focus on providing better education for Libya’s most vulnerable children, including those affected by the country’s recent conflict.

In a press statement, Carel de Rooy, UNICEF Country Director in Libya said: “We believe that the high number of teachers available in Libya can be a driving force to increase the quality of education, but this will happen only if they are highly motivated, appropriately trained and supported.”

The project, which will run an estimated 3.1 million Euros, will study various aspects of the Libyan education system ranging from teachers’ qualifications and in-service teacher training to recruitment, management and deployment.

In addition, it will provide “a high-level road map for more effective teachers’ management and help coordinate a response to teacher development,” according to the UNICEF news release.

“This is the ultimate goal of the Teachers Development Centre programme,” Mr. de Rooy continued.

“Rethinking the teaching system in order to enhance teachers’ competencies, status and motivation leading ultimately to better learning in Libya’s classrooms,” he added.

Source: Tripoli Post 

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