Sunday, August 18, 2019
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April 2013 

libyan congress in session

The new law criminalizing torture, abduction and arbitrary arrests passed by the General National Congress last week is an important step in ensuring human rights, the Justice Minister, Saleh Marghani, has said.

The existence of armed militias is one of the biggest problem facing Libya, he noted, and the biggest challance in stabilising the country.

Libya had to be a country of justice and law, he said, not one where power comes out the barrel of a gun.

All the armed groups and militias had to hand over control jails to the Libyan authorities and other buildings they are holding, Marghani added. His ministry could not be held responsible for illegal groups who refused to be act outwith its control or that of the Interior Ministry.

The new anti-abduction and anti-torture law has been welcomed by human rights activists.

Source: Libya Herald 

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