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Thursday 18th April 2013 

Libyan judokas

Judokas in particular, and sportsmen in general in Libya should be proud of their achievement at the recent Arab Judo Championships held in the Jordanian capital, Amman when they managed to win nine medals, including three gold in the two categories, for Seniors and Juniors.

Libya had to pit their strength against judokas from 12 participating nations in a very high standard field of 140 athletes in the male and female categories.

It was a no mean achievement for the Libyans to be called up to the podium for medals on 12 occasions as beside those won by the judokas themselves in competition, Libya was also awarded three more honours.

They won a trophy for being the second nation to win most medals in the Seniors’ category, a trophy for winning the third largest amount of medals in the Juniors’ events, and also having a Libyan, Walid Aribi, voted as the Best Junior Judoka during the championships .
Libya’s three gold medals were won, two in the Seniors, by Mohamed Elkawesah in the 66 Kg event and Ahmed Elkawesah in the 66 Kg, and one in the Juniors through Walid Aribi, who carried the honours and the gold in the 60 Kg event.

Libya’s Seniors team consisting of five athletes (Mohamed Elkawesah, Ahamed Elkawesah, Mohamed Abdul Naser, Abdulraheem Ajimi and Ali Omar) won the Silver medal. The same when it comes to the juniors with a team made up of Walid Aribi, Rami Elhattab, Ahmed Shneba, Mohamed Ellafi and Mohamed Zawam.

The judokas from Libya to win bronze were, Mohamed Abdul Nasser, in the Seniors 73Kg, and Mohamed Zawam (100Kg), Ali Omar (+100Kg), and Mohamed Ellafi in the open, all three in the Juniors events.

The Libyan judokas owe much of their success not only for their skills, but also thanks to their coaches, Libyan Said Ajimi, and Tunisian Adel Guirat.

Libya’s contribution to the sport was also highly recognised when the general assembly the Arab Judo Federation, AJF, made up of 15 member countries, nominated the general secretary of the Libyan Judo Federation, Nabil Draweel as the AJF’s technical judo director.

In general comments, one also has to give credit to Libya’s two international judo referees, Abdussalam Sheflu and Mr.Ibrahim Jebril for their high level performance throughout the championships.

Meanwhile, after this success, between last Wednesday and Friday (April 20), coaches Adel Guirat and Said Ajimi are leading the Libyan Seniors team made up of Mohamed Elkawesa (60 Kg) Ahmed Elkawesah (66 Kg), Mohamed Abdul Naser (73Kg) and Mohamed Ellafi ( 81 Kg) in the African Championships in Maputo.

The first to take to the mat on Thursday will be Mohamed Ellafi in the 81Kg category. Mohamed Elkawesah, Ahmed Elkawesah and Mohamed Salah will perform on Friday.

Source: Tripoli Post 

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