Wednesday, July 24, 2019
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April 2013 

Misrata celebrates anniversary of Tripoli Street liberation

Thousands of people in Misrata turned out for celebrations on Wednesday, the second anniversary of the liberation of Tripoli Street. The event also drew people from all over Libya.

Attending were Second Deputy Chairman of the General National Congress, Saleh Almkhozom, several Congress members of the General National Congress, the Minister for the Injured, Ramadan Ali Mansour Zarmuh, the Minister of Martyrs and Missing, Ali Gadour, the head of the Libyan army ground forces and the commander of artillery as well as heads and members of a number of military councils in the Libyan towns and cities.

The celebration saw the opening of an exhibition of martyrs of the 17 February revolution from all over Libya, consisting of more than 4,000 pictures.  Also on display were artefacts from the war waged by Qaddafi against the town,

During the day, the flag was raised at the city’s 50-metre flagpole, the highest in Libya.

The liberation of Tripoli Street is seen as marking the liberation of the entire city from Qaddafi forces.
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