Wednesday, July 24, 2019
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Home » Libya » Joint Communique on Libya

Thursday 30th May 2013 

ali zaidan photo

“Libya is certain that none ever crossed the Libyan borders and committed the bombings in Niger,” the Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zidan told reporters in Tripoli on Wednesday referring to the allegation made by Nigerian officials that the bombers who attacked a French-run uranium mine last week came from Libya.

“The officials in Niger should be responsible enough and cooperate with us to establish friendly and brotherly relations based on mutual respect and without intervening in each country’s internal affairs,” Zidan said.

Zidan said that during his last visit to Niger he assured the Nigerian government that Libya was committed to the good relations and we hope they are also committed to that.

“I would assure everyone that Libya is not in a state of weakness to be targeted by anyone and if the situation requires us to make certain decision we are able to do so,” the Libyan PM said without further details.

Zidan directed his statement to the President of Niger Mahamadou Issoufou and the Nigerian Foreign Minister and all the leaders of Niger saying that “we hope that they understand the Libyan people’s demand of extraditing the elements of the former regime to Libya including Saadi Gaddafi, Abdullah Mansour and Ali Kanna”.

He said Niger’s cooperation with Libya will help cement the friendly relations between the two countries including economic cooperation.

Source: Tripoli Post 

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