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Friday 31st May 2013 

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Through its European Union-funded program “Stabilising at-risk communities and enhancing migration management to enable smooth transitions in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya” (START), and in coordination with the Libyan government, the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) this week inaugurated a medical clinic at the Twaisha Detention Centre, in Tripoli.

In support of the Libyan government’s efforts to more adequately address the needs of irregular migrants, and following a recent assessment of health needs in migrants accommodation facilities, IOM has carried out rehabilitation and renovation of separate building in Twaisha Detention Centre, upgrading it to allow for accommodation of emergency and primary health needs of detainees through the provision of essential medical equipment, instruments and furnishing.

The IOM/European Union (EU)-supported facility now consists of a well-equipped laboratory, examination room, first aid and treatment room as well as a pharmacy.

In coordination with Libya’s Ministry of Health, specialised healthcare staff has been assigned to the centre in order that the health needs of detained irregular migrants may be addressed throughout their detention, allowing for segregation of sick detainees and enhanced monitoring and treatment of individual cases. Doctors at the clinic are expected to screen and provide eventual treatment for 20-25 cases per day.

The opening ceremony was attended by the head of Operations for the EU Delegation to Libya, the Head of DCIM (Directorate for Combating Illegal Migration from Libya’s Ministry of Interior and the Head of Primary healthcare for Jeffara, where the clinic is located.

The head of Libya’s Directorate of Combating Illegal Migration, Mr. Masood Al-Raqoobi, who was also preswent for the opening expressed appreciation for the efforts of IOM and the European Union in supporting Libya’s efforts to provide essential assistance to irregular migrants in detention in Libya.

He confirmed that there remains considerable need for medical services to be provided to irregular migrants in detention throughout the country, and he confirmed the Libyan Government’s intention, with the continued support of IOM and the EU, to build relevant staff capacities to address migration management challenges, particularly in the domain of accommodation centre management as well as investigation and identification of human rights abuses.

Mr. Amer Khmaj, head of the Primary Healthcare Department in Jefara, confirmed the department will support this clinic and ensure the continued provision of required medicines and supplies to the lab. Medical facility upgrades carried out at the Twaisha Detention Centre are expected to benefit thousands of migrants per year.

In continuing to support this facility and Twaisha Detention Centre personnel, the International Organisation for Migration will provide training to employees at the detention centre on human rights and awareness for the rights and vulnerabilities of irregular migrants. IOM provided and will continue provide similar assistance, including first aid training and materials, to detention centres located outside of Tripoli.

Ms. Kodsi, the head of operation for the EUD to Libya confirmed the EU’s continued interest in supporting the Government of Libya to manage migration-related issues throughout the country and indicated that additional resources would become available to this end.

Source: Tripoli Post 

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