Friday, August 23, 2019
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Libyan Army Recalls Special Forces Reservists



Amid increasing public calls on the government to reactivate and rebuild the Libyan army, the General Military Coordinator at the Chiefs of Staff of the Libyan Army has issued a circular calling on all reservists who belong to the Special Forces (Thunderbolt) and are currently employed by various ministries, banks and private and public companies to join their units starting on 21 July 2013.

The call on the reservists to join their units is also directed to those army officers and soldiers who had been assigned to battalions or configurations that are affiliated with the Chief of Staff Office or under any similar arrangement, reported the Libyan news agency on Friday.

The reason for the recalling of reservists, according to the circular, is to rebuild the Special Force and to reorganize it.

The move could be the first serious decision by the Libyan army to practically start the rebuilding after many decades of disintegration.

The former dictator Gaddafi systematically destroyed the army in the 1980s and created instead well armed small battalions headed by his sons and most trusted loyalists.

The move can also be regarded as significant in terms of weakening many militias and armed groups which derive their legitimacy from the presence of officers and soldiers who actually belong to the regular army and Special Forces among their ranks.

Although the circular did not specify in detail what can be achieved by such policy, the recall of reservists could mean that once these military disciplined officers and soldiers report back to their units, the armed groups would have no justification not to disband.

The circular warned those who do not report to their units would face legal consequence.

Other measures have been taken to activate the army, a main public demand from the government and a precondition for security and stability in the county, including the review of basic salary of soldiers which have been increased, opening new centers to received new recruits, opening new training facilities and adopting a policy of training army members in various countries outside Libya.

Source: Tripoli Post

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