Monday, June 17, 2019
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Home » Libya » Joint Communique on Libya

By Seraj Essul.
Tripoli, 25 July 2013


The Interior Ministry’s official spokesman, Rami Kaal, has said that this morning’s RPG attack on the United Arab Emirates’ ambassadorial residence was an act of terrorism.

Speaking outside the embassy compound, following an official visit to the diplomatic mission, he said the Ministry was very sorry about what had happened.

Kaal told the Libya Herald that neighbours reported seeing a white Nissan Sunny, with blacked-out windows and no number-plates, stop outside the embassy compound at 5.30 this morning. A man armed with a rocket-propelled grenade got out of the car and fired the missile at the ambassadorial residence.

The Interior Minister, Mohamed Sheikh, contacted the UAE Consul running the embassy, which is next door to the residence, soon after the incident had been reported. The Ambassador himself is out of the country.

Kaal said that the Interior Ministry had handed over the case to Hay Andalus police station for investigation. The Ministry, he said, gave its assurances that the perpetrators of the crime would be captured and brought to justice.

Source: Libya Herald

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