Thursday, November 14, 2019
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Retired judge shot dead in Benghazi

By Ahmed Elumami.
Tripoli, 19 August 2013

Retired judge Muftah Mohamed Ishqaim Khafayfi was murdered in Benghazi on Monday early morning by unknown gunman.

“Khafayfi was killed by a bullet in the head when he was going out from Dawn prayers in front of Souda Bint Zaama Mosque in Syria Street,” the spokesman of Benghazi Joint Security Room, Abdullah Zaidi, told the Libya Herald.

Zaidi suggested the killer might have been a criminal who had been sentenced by Khafayfi.

However, details of a suspect have been reported to the Security Room, Zaidi said. Investigations are underway to establish the circumstances of the killing.

Usama Al-Sherief, a spokesman for Benghazi Local Council, said that the council reiterated their condemnation of the wave of assassinations

Responsibility for the assassinations and deteriorating security situation lay entirely with the government, he said. It had failed to activate the security services and the judicial process throughout Libya as a whole and in Benghazi in particular.

Source: Libya Herald

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