Monday, June 17, 2019
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GNC votes to extend its life another year

By Ahmed Elumami
Tripoli, 23 December 2013

The General National Congress, whose duties were originally due to expire 120 days after it was elected in July 2012, has decided to extend its life for another year, until 24 December 2014.

Voting 102 to 24, congress members today agreed to carry on with their work.

Benghazi Congressman, Ahmed Langhi,told the Libya Herald that the Congress had approved “a roadmap” to determine its duties in the extension period, of which the most important was the completion of the 60-member Committee in February 2014.

Langhi said that the road map has also showed the work schedule of the 60-Committee, which will run from March to July 2014.

In the meanwhile, he added, the GNC would produce the referendum law and oversee the reformation of the High National Election Commission.

Langhi said that the new constitution would be put to a referendum next August. If it were not endorsed by at least two thirds of the electorate, the 60-Committee would have to redraft the document.

He also suggested that the current congress would produce a general election law, on the basis of the constitution, and that this might also be voted on in August next year. Langhi said that he anticipated that if the roadmap were followed successfully, power would be handed to a permanent congress on 24 December 2014.

Source: Libya Herald

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