Monday, May 20, 2019
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The “prime minister” of the self-styled ‘Cyrenaica government’ Abdraba Abdulhameed Al-Barasi is in talks with the Libyan government to reopen the blockaded eastern oil export terminals.

“The region has three main demands,” Al-Barasi told the Libya Herald. The first is the formation of a committee to investigate the export of Libyan crude without the use of proper counters which detail quantities of oil loaded.

“Our second demand is to form another committee, including members from the three federal regions of Cyrenaica, Fezzan and Tripolitania, to oversee future production and export,” he said.

Mediators from the government, Barasi said, agreed to these first two demands without difficulty.

They have not, however, been able to reach an agreement on the third demand, which is that Cyrenaica should take the profits from oil produced in its region. This demand, Barasi said, was in accordance with Law No. 59 from 1958.

Barasi denied recent media reports that the eastern oil export terminals could restart operations within two weeks. The only way this would happen, he said, was if the government agreed to all three demands.
Source/ Libya Herald

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