Sunday, December 8, 2019
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Home » Libya » Joint Communique on Libya

Tripoli, 13 February 2014 – The United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) calls upon all political parties, revolutionaries, activists and personalities to rise above partisan interests and uphold the high national interest and to work by all means to prevent inflaming tensions which could lead the country to slide into lawlessness and chaos.
The Mission reaffirms that it stands by the Libyan people in their aspiration to achieve the ideals of the February 17 revolution, which celebrates its third anniversary in a few days. UNSMIL believes, like the Libyans, that this revolution was launched in order to build a State that guarantees the rule of law, equality and respect for the rights of the people and safeguard public and personal freedoms.

Accordingly, UNSMIL views with concern any attempt, by any party, to infringe on the right of Libyans to express their opinions and political positions, including their right to peaceful protest. It calls for an end to all practices which threaten the freedom of Libyans, including those working in the media, or restrict it in a way that contradicts guarantees stipulated in the Constitutional Declaration and the international conventions to which Libya is a party.\

The Mission reiterates its appeal to all officials and leaders to continue the political dialogue, address the public in transparency, interact with its different shades of opinion and search for national common ground and consensus on appropriate legislative measures to ensure a peaceful transition of the General National Congress powers to an elected legislative body. It emphasizes that safeguarding the legitimacy and avoiding disruption of institutions is a responsibility that rests with everyone, regardless of political differences and party rivalries.

The Mission draws attention to the ongoing political instability as well as the obstacles and risks that surround public life that could shake the confidence of the Libyans, their friends and the world, in the ability to move forward in building the State and its institutions sought by the Libyans when they rebelled against the despotic regime.

Therefore, UNSMIL stresses the concerted efforts among the various forces in order to restore the confidence of the Libyans and the world in the possibility of forging ahead on the path of transition. In this context, the Mission renews its efforts to contribute towards uniting the Libyans around national priorities and means to address the problems that citizens face, as an expression of its commitment to civil peace, national unity and sovereignty of Libya.


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