Friday, November 22, 2019
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Home » Libya » Joint Communique on Libya

Tripoli, 18 February 2014 – 

The UN Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) calls upon political parties, the revolutionaries, the activists and personalities to uphold the high national interest and refrain from resorting to force to resolve political disputes and avert the risks which could lead the country to slide into lawlessness and chaos.
The Mission is concerned about all the practices that infringe on the rights of Libyans to express their views and political stances, particularly the violence targeting Media personnel and institutions.

UNSMIL reiterates its appeal for the swift return to political dialogue that responds to the will of the Libyans and ensures a peaceful transfer of the powers of the General National Congress to an elected body.

The Mission also emphasizes the importance of safeguarding legitimacy and refraining from disrupting the institutions.

It calls on Libyans to give priority to what brings them together over what drives them apart in order to reach, without delay, a consensus on managing the transitional phase in what safeguards Libya’s national unity and civil peace.

UNSMIL appeals to all to immediately hold a meeting to prevent the deterioration and work incessantly towards reaching as soon as possible an agreement that all can publicly commit to in order spare Libya a grave crisis that threatens its security and stability.

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