Saturday, December 7, 2019
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Military intelligence targeted by Benghazi killers.

Libya Herald

Benghazi, 27 March 2014:

A member of military intelligence was seriously injured today when a gang armed with knives attacked him this afternoon outside Hawari cemetery. Ramadan Suwaisi, who works in the Benghazi unit’s finance department, was stabbed several times by the group who appear to have followed him to the cemetery.

Last night, just before midnight, another members of military intelligence, Fuad Ayyad Al-Urfi was shot dead in Birkah district, according to a source at Benghazi. Medical Centre where his body was taken.

Shortly beforehand, at around 9 pm, an unknown group tried to kill a member of the Security Directorate. Wissam Abdussalam Elzelawi was shot in the legs in front of the directorate in Hawari, according to a fellow officer. He is now being treated in hospital.

Another security official was injured earlier during the day when a hidden bomb exploded at an army tank depot. Colonel Bujaffar Ali Ayyad , who was training students, was rushed to hospital.

Meanwhle security sources are puzzled by the disappearance of Nasser Muftah Al-Dbaibigh, a local  citizen, who has vanished after collecting what has ben described as a “large amount of money” Accourding to a Saiqa brigade source, he  left the Dawa Islamiya building, got into his car, drove off and has never been seen since. The car has not been seen since and his phone is now switched off. The police are unsure whether this is a kidnapping or an intentional disappearance.

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