Saturday, December 7, 2019
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Home » Libya » Joint Communique on Libya
Victims’ spokesman Willie Frazer is tomorrow expected to meet with a delegation of Libyan victims’ groups in London.

The spokesman for Families Acting for Innocent Relatives [FAIR] said he will meet the delegation in the Foreign Office, and again in Belfast in the Victims Commission office on Wednesday. He said compensation for victims of terror will be discussed.

Last week Prime Minister David Cameron said he remains dedicated to securing compensation for UK victims of arms supplied by Libya to the IRA.

“The Libyan victims’ group have come over to the mainland and are going to Northern Ireland to meet victims’ groups here,” said Mr Frazer.

“The aim is to build up relations, learn from each other and set up community projects between our countries. We have a lot in common.

“ I am also going to London because there are also talks going on with other individuals including members of the Libyan government, that involve the compensation package.”

Mr Frazer said he believes the Libyan groups coming over “include the same people I met before in 2009 before Gaddafi was overthrown when we protested outside the UN in New York”.

Mr Frazer said the meetings “are essentially about strengthening relations and bringing together innocent victims from Gaddafi’s regime and innocent victims of the IRA”.

He said the Libyans’ “definition of terrorist is no different to our own”.

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