Monday, February 17, 2020
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GNC spokesman Omer Hamidan said on Tuesday that the congress postponed voting for the new prime minister to the next week’s sitting.

Two candidates, Ahmed Maietig and Omer Al-Hasi are running for the position after winning the majority of votes in the first round.

Each candidate has to get 120 votes in the second round to become the next prime minister. “If both candidates failed to win the 120 votes, the congress will try to pick one of them through an agreement. If it failed, the congress may approve the current caretaker government and give it more powers.” Hamidan said.

The congress also voted in favor of amendments to law No. (10) on elections of the House of Representatives. According to the new amendments, the term “voting center” will be changed to “sub-constituency” in any paragraph of the law. Article (15) has been also amended to become as follows: “Each candidate has to submit to HNEC a full report on his financial status and election campaign costs in 15 days from the voting day”. Article (21) has been also amended to add a sentence which says: “In case of equality of votes, a draw is made between the equal candidates.”

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