Friday, August 23, 2019
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Home » Libya » Joint Communique on Libya

In an exclusive meeting with Libya Herald, France’s newly appointed Special Envoy to Libya, Denys Gauer said that France is “worried about the complicated and potentially dangerous situation in Libya – for Libya and for its neighbours”.

Speaking alongside French ambassador Antoine Sivan in Tripoli as a show of support for Libya during these difficult political times, Gauer said that “the appointment of a special envoy shows the willingness to act in support of Libya and in order to coordinate . We are ready to support, but Libyans must solve their own problems”, he stressed.

“There is a sense of urgency that is echoed by Libya’s neighbours too”, explained the Special Envoy who arrived Friday and leaves Monday.

This urgency is reflected in the fact that earlier this week Mr Gauer’s only job was as France’s ambassador to Iraq. However, he now has the dual job of also being France’s Special Envoy to Libya. “I packed my bag and came”, he explained to Libya Herald. The UK, Italy and the US have appointed Special Envoys to Libya too.

The Special Envoy said he was here to meet and talk to all the political actors across the political spectrum. He has already met Prime Minister Ahmed Maetig and is planned to meet Abdullah Thinni on Sunday.

Gauer was keen to stress that France considers that the UN has a central role to play in helping Libya and therefore France fully supports the UN efforts. The Special Envoy expects to be making regular trips to Tripoli.

Libya Herald
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