Monday, June 17, 2019
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Tripoli, 30 June 2014:

Formal reconciliation between Bani Walid and Zawia has been welcomed by a number of Libyan public figures, including the Grand Mufti, as a model for the rest of the country.

A major ceremony to mark reconciliation between the Warfalla tribe and the town of Zawia and inaugurate a new alliance took place in Bani Walid last week. The town is a major centre of the Warfalla.

A longtime rivalry between the two communities was made infinitely worse during the revolution when the two found themselves on opposite sides with Bani Walid forces actively involved in the siege of Zawia. After the revolution came retribution with Zawia forces accused of revenge attacks on the town.Efforts by peacemakers in both communities to build bridges were undertaken but were slow, dogged by continuing suspicion and resentment.

They achieved their first success last December when, after more than a year being held in Zawia, four elders from Bani Walid were released and returned home.

It started a reconciliation process that entailed visits from one side to the other, culminating in Wednesday’s reconciliation ceremony. This saw the presence of elders and representatives from Zawia in Bani Walid for the celebration, attended by a large crowd of Bani Walid residents as well as members from civil society and dignitaries from more than 60 other Libyan tribes.

Both sides affirmed their determination to stand against attempts “to sow discord between Libyans” and called on the government to support efforts for national reconciliation and make it “a reality on the ground”.

In a statement, the two groups aid they would support dialogue and reconciliation between Libyan towns and tribes without exception. Libya was “one homeland that accommodates everyone”, they said, stressing their rejection of all forms of ” regional and tribal intolerance”.

They called on all Libyan tribes and towns to follow their example and contribute to national reconciliation. A joint committee was also set up by the two to oversee disputes between them and take the new relationship forward.

The Grand Mufti, Sheikh Sadik Al-Ghariani, yesterday commended the reconciliation between Bani Walid and Zawia, calling on other Libyan communities to follow their example.  He specifically urged  Zintan and the Meshashia, Gharian and Asabaa, and Misrata and Tawergha to do so.

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