Monday, June 17, 2019
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Tripoli, 26 August 2014:

The UK-based Docklands Victims Association (DVA), founded in the aftermath of a massive terrorist attack in London’s Docklands in 1996 in which the IRA used semtex explosive provided by Qaddafi, has called on the UN to immediately intervene in the Libyan crisis to prevent a further loss of Libyan lives and humanitarian disaster.

In a letter addressed to UN Secretary Ban Ki Moon on 25 August, the DVA, which was very involved in humanitarian work with the Qaddafi’s victims, thanked the UN for its willingness to aid in the overthrow of the former dictator in 2011, which “saved countless innocent Libyan lives”.

It went on to say that, through direct communications with a number of individuals in Libya, the DVA had confirmed that “appalling” crimes against humanity” were being carried out by the militia involved in fighting. They were “using fear to destabilise the country and eradicate democracy”, the DVA said.

It warned that an “unparalleled” humanitarian crisis would occur if additional international intervention were not immediately implemented.

The DVA appeal challenges statements by the UN which have called for an immediate ceasefire and the opening of national dialogue, but have warned that outside intervention could undermine Libya’s sovereignty and cause further divisions within the nation.

The newly appointed UN envoy to Libya Bernadino Leon has said that he does not believe that foreign intervention of any kind would stop the turmoil in Libya.  Only an inclusive political process with all Libyans represented in parliament and other state institutions would do so, he said.

However, “Libyans who want to fight the chaos through political means will need a lot of international support,” he conceded.

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