Sunday, May 26, 2019
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Abdullah Al-Thinni’s government sworn by HoR

By Libya Herald staff.
Tripoli, 28 September 2014:

Prime Minister Abdullah Al-Thinni’s cabinet has been sworn at a session of the House of Representatives in Tobruk today.

The swearing of the 13-member cabinet, which was finally approved on 22 September, was attended by the President of the Representatives (HoR), Ageela Saleh, the two deputy presidents, HoR members and representatives of a number of civil society organisations.

In his speech, Saleh told Thinni that his government had a great deal of work ahead of it, notably in ensuring security and justice, education, social services and decentralising government departments. He promised the Prime Minister that he would have full cooperation from the HoR in getting its programmes passed.

The government will now be operating out of Beida. According to HoR spokesman Feraj Hashim, the move is temporary until the time it can return to its permanent headquarters in Tripoli.

There is a historical precedent for the government being based in Beida. Under King Idris, Beida alternated with Tripoli as the seat of government and of parliament.

Thinni first began working in Beida in the last week of July, as armed clashes raged in Tripoli. After being prevented from flying from Tripoli’s Mitiga Airport to Tobruk on 25 July by the militia controlling Mitiga, he made his way to Beida, where he began to set up his government and direct reconciliation efforts.

By 2 August, Thinni was in Tobruk for the first meetings of the newly-elected HoR. After resigning in order to allow the HoR to select a new PM, on 1 September, he was chosen by the HoR to be the PM and form a new government.

Since then, he has been dividing his time between Tobruk and Beida.

The Constitutional Drafting Assembly is also working from Beida.

Source: Libya Herald

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