Wednesday, July 24, 2019
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Tunisia says no to flights from Misrata or Zuwara

Libya Herald


Tripoli, 27 October 2014:

The Tunisian authorities have rejected an attempt to resume flights from Misrata to Tunis, via Zuwara.

Earlier, it was announced by Misrata airport that Ghadames Air was to begin operating twice-weekly flights from Misrata to Tunis, beginning this Friday. According to Misrata airport spokesperson Mohamed Ismael, the flights would stop over at Zuwara airport on the way, because Tunisia was still banning flights from Mitiga and Misrata airports. He claimed that Ghadames Air had received the relevant permissions from Tunisian aviation authorities.

Zuwara’s airport was recently cleared for international flights by the Hassi anti-government in Tripoli.

The Tunisian Ministry of Transport has denied giving such permission. It said today that its aviation authority had met with the Zuwara airport authorities last month but had received no application to open the route. When it did, it said, it would evaluate the request.

It also added that any request had to conform to international civil aviation regulations – seen to be a reference to the fact that the application has to come from the recognised Libyan authorities.  Since Tunisia, like all other countries, recognises the Thinni government, the request would therefore have to come from it – which seems highly unlikely in the circumstances.


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