Sunday, May 26, 2019
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HoR appoints committee heads

Tobruk, 14 November 2014:

In the face of the controversial ruling by the Supreme Court effectively ruling it non-existent, the House of Representatives has entrenched its position by appointing chairmen, deputy chairmen and reporteurs for six of its political committees.

The chairmen are:-

  • Interior: Ali Al-Saedi (Wadi Shatti)
  • Internally Displaced People’s Affairs: Jabullah Al-Tawerghi (Tawergha)
  • Energy & Natural resources:   Aisa Al-Araibi (Benghazi)
  • Investment : Ali Al-Gatrani (Al-Abiar)
  • Finance: Omar Tantoush (Maya)
  • Injured Affairs: Abdulmonem Al-Arafi (Marj)

Nonetheless, the House is currently seen as divided between members who support dialogue with those who oppose it – not just boycotting members but the towns in the west of the country, and those who oppose such dialogue. The latter are mainly federalists.

The visit this week of UN Special Representative Bernardino Leon to Tripoli and his talks with Nuri Abu Sahmain has, according to an HoR official, exacerbated tensions in the House with many fearing that the UN and the West is turning its back on them.


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