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Libya Herald

Tunis, 22 February 2015:

Tunisian protesters at Ben Guerdane have decided to suspend demonstrations at the Ras Jedir crossing. They have done so to allow Tunisian and Libyan authorities to engage in further consultations regarding the TD 30 tax on foreigners leaving Tunisia, the Libyan counter tax on Tunisians entering Libya and other outstanding issues relating to the crossing, Tunisian Radio Tataouine reported.

Giving the Tunisian authorities a one-week deadline to respond to their demands, the Ben Guerdane protesters who say they have been hard hit by the effects of the taxes, have threatened to resume demonstrations at the crossing if the Tunisian exit tax is not lifted.

Despite promises that they will remove the TD 30 exit tax in the case of al Maghreb citizens leaving Tunisia, the Tunisian authorities have yet to do so.

In the meantime, protests continue at Arab Maghreb Square in downtown Ben Guerdane, resuming previous demands for development in the town.

A General Union of Ben Guerdane official and member of the crisis committee has revealed to Radio Tatouine that he regretted that Tunisian authorities have failed to follow through on promises to remove the exit tax.

“The sit-in was suspended contrary to our wishes and that of the protesters. Authorities made false promises and have been procrastinating over this urgent issue,” he stressed. He added that this issue would take at least 15-20 days to be examined and tackled,” he said.

A steady flow of traffic in both directions resumed at the border crossing today, allowing Tunisian traders to enter Libya for trade.


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