Friday, August 23, 2019
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Libya instability is ‘security threat’ to UK, say MPs

London – 24/03/2015

Libya’s collapse since the overthrow of Colonel Gaddafi has turned it into a potential security threat to the UK, the Foreign Affairs Committee says.

The group of MPs warn that fighting in Libya has allowed Islamic State (IS) extremists to become influential there.

Illegal migration from Libya could help IS to stage attacks in Europe, MPs say.

Also, the International Development Committee says youth unemployment in developing countries may cause unrest that could lead to a rise in extremism.

The Foreign Office said it was working closely with British allies and the United Nations to “help deliver a lasting political settlement that will bring an end to the violence” in Libya.

Chaos ‘advantage’

Numerous militias each govern their own patches of territory in Libya, with successive governments struggling to exercise control.

The Foreign Affairs Committee said there was a “particular responsibility” on the UK to help Libya “repair itself” and restore a stable government.

The UK supported anti-Gaddafi rebels with air strikes during the struggle to end his regime. The Libyan leader was eventually killed in in October 2011 but subsequent attempts at establishing a democratic government have failed to bring stability.

“The fact that [IS] appears to have taken advantage of the chaos in Libya to establish itself there is a security concern reaching beyond Libya, and is further motivation for the international community to provide assistance,” the committee said.

“Illegal migration through and from Libya is undoubtedly a major concern, not least because of a potential security threat from terrorists who could use this means to travel to Europe to conduct attacks.”

Source: BBC News

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