Wednesday, July 24, 2019
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US ambassador Jones Tweets out

Libya Herald

Tripoli, 23 March 2015:

With a parting “Masalaamah”, US envoy to Libya, Deborah Jones has announced she is ending her ambassadorial presence on Twitter.

The Malta-based Jones said she was quitting because of the abuse she had received.  She explained: “ I have from time to time gone on strike against Twitter militias and those who resort to vulgar personal attacks in lieu of arguments”.

While she thanked those who had joined in constructive debate on the social medium, she said that she had decided it was best to cease trying to “communicate via Twitter insofar as it distracts from our goal of peace and stability for Libya”.

The ambassador, who is due to leave her post this summer, said that the US embassy would continue to put out announcements on its Facebook page.


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