Monday, June 17, 2019
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Libya Herald

Libya’s only internationally recognized Prime Minister, Abdullah Thinni, met with a number of Russia’s business leaders yesterday as part of his extensive visit to Moscow.

Thinni, accompanied by his Minister of Economy and Industry, his acting Minister of Defence and his head of Transport Authority, assured the Russian business heads that Libya was studying Russian contracts signed during the Qaddafi era in order to amend and activate them.

Thinni added that Russia had investments in Libya worth US$ 10 bn, including the Euro 2.2 bn 550 km rail line project between Sirte and Benghazi, as well as Gazprom and its subsidiaries’ investments in oil and gas exploration and production.

The Libyan Prime Minister assured of Libya’s intention to open trade and commerce channels with Russia.

He also expressed Libya’s intention to reconsider the memorandums of understanding and cooperation between the two countries and the activation of all the commercial, economic, scientific, technological, financial, energy, oil, and border security agreements signed on 31 October 2008 which are still valid until 2020.

Thinni’s meeting follows on from the meeting by his Economy and Industry Minister, Munir Aser, with the President of the Federation of Russian Chambers of Commerce earlier in the week.


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