Monday, June 17, 2019
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Libyan Embassy-London: Press Release

The embassy of the State of Libya in the UK &NI would like, once again, to confirm that the current political crisis in Libya, and its spiraling negative implications in particular on both the administrative and financial sectors, was and still is the reason behind the delays in transferring financial scholarships to Libyan students in high education in the UK as well as the monthly salaries of the Libyan diplomats working at this embassy. The crisis is also  behind the acute shortage of cash liquidity that burdened this embassy and its attaches in particular the cultural and Health attaches.

The embassy considers the concerned Libyan authorities as the responsible party of what may come out from this delay in negative results and un wishful implications both politically and diplomatically in regard to the bilateral Libyan-British relations and the future effect on Libyan students in the UK  and their families and children.

The embassy appeals to all parties participating at the Libyan dialogue to take their historic responsibilities by committing more themselves to reach a serious accord that can rescue the country and its people from the consequences of this crisis which worsens day after day and inflicts deeper damages on all.

The embassy also urges the concerned   Libyan financial authorities to seriously deal with the crisis by giving it more of their own time and efforts in order to resolve it successfully as soon as possible.

As regarding the intended sit-in protest at the Cultural attaché head office which was announced by the final years Libyan BA –MA-PHD students to be held on Monday 06/07/2015 until their demands  are achieved. The embassy would like to inform them with the following:

  • In accordance with the existing diplomatic regulations and customs it is unlawful for anyone to enter the cultural attach head office aiming to hold a sit-in protest as the building is under the protection of its diplomatic immunity, therefore any sit-in protests planned have to be held out-side it.
  • The Head of Cultural Department has expressed his willingness to meet with students’ representatives to objectively discuss all matters of concern.


God save Libya and save its people












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