Wednesday, July 24, 2019
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Patients in Libya’s hospitals “deserve better”: Kobler

By Libya Herald reporter
Tunis, 17 January 2016

While visiting Shihat today for talks with House of Representatives (HoR) President Ageela Salah as well as with a number of its boycotting member, UN Special Envoy Martin Kobler took time off to visit the local hospital in adjacent Beida to see how the health service was coping.

He later tweeted his “full admiration” for doctors and nurses there, calling them “unsung heroes” working without sufficient supplies. “They and their patients deserve better”, he said.

He also tweeted his admiration for health minister Reida El Oakley “giving up int career to serve Libya, with 90M healthcare budget when 6 Billion are needed”.

Hospitals throughout the country are in crisis both of because of the political situation and the lack of funding. The latter has resulted in unpaid foreign and local staff leaving and a lack of medicines and other medical supplies.

Reflecting this, former health minister Nagy Barkat tweeted back that Kobler’s message could refer to all Libyan doctors and nurses, not only those in Beida.

Source: Libya Herald

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